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The Surprising Theology of IRON MAN

Last week I was on the Marvel Movie Minute podcast, witnessing two men attempt something incredibly brave or incredibly foolish: break down the Marvel Cinematic Universe one minute at a time. The hosts, Andy and Pete, had me on during their first season covering IRON MAN. We were in some of the quieter scenes which meant we were able to get into some very good discussions about the theological and philosophical themes of the movie. Those of you who have heard my episodes of the DC Cinmatic Minute podcast know I like to talk about the Christian themes of superhero stories, and Marvel proves just as rich a mission field.

These episodes are some of my all-time favorites. Minute 089 "Evil Pepper Potts" stands out as particularly good. But don't take my word for it! Here they all are for your listening pleasure! Please subscribe to Marvel Movie Minute and listen to the whole show. Andy and Pete are doing a Marvelous job.

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