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The Best Minutes 060: The Best of Them Are Already Married

Smells like subtext for breakfast

We did it, everyone! We made it to the last episode of The Best Minutes, and have I got a great one to go out on. My kid brother, Trevor, helped me in a pinch and agreed to be my guest when my other plans fell through. And he brought his A game. We had a great conversation about all the subtext in this minute, the plain romantic foreshadowing, and Fred's clear desire to get the heck out of the Stephenson's apartment.

Best of all, totally unprompted by me, my brother also gives an analysis of the music in THE BEST YEARS OF OUR LIVES. He's a professional chamber musician, having played the oboe for years, and has a much better ear for music that I do. Stay tuned for the last part of the episode to hear him breakdown some of the musical themes that run through the movie, including the last little bit of music that plays in the outro for each episode of The Best Minutes.

The alternate title for this episode is "A Fred Discussion" based on a joke I made that made my brother groan out loud. I've still got it after all these years.

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