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The Best Minutes 053: Gadorsky

He didn't bail out

As Fred's nightmare spirals out of control and Peggy uses her best bedside manner, I'm honored to be joined by Alex Robinson of Star Wars Minute and The Godfather Minute as my guest for minute 53 of THE BEST YEARS OF OUR LIVES. I admit to being nervous while recording this episode. I've been listening to Alex's podcasts for years. He's had me on as a guest a couple times. We've even hung out in person - on land and sea! - but I was still jittery having such an old pro as a guest.

Fortunately, Alex was just as comfortable as a guest as he is as a host and we had a great time. Although it does seem we messed up the name of Fred's friend. We thought it sounded like "Gadowski" but according to the script it's "Gadorsky." I blame Fred's tone of voice for the confusion. But to be fair, it's stressful to see your buddy's plane go down. While neither of us quite knows what it's like to see a plane get shot down, Alex does know what it's like to drop out of the sky. Listen to the episode for the story.

We also agreed that Peggy reminded us less of a nurse in these scene and more of a hypnotist, hence the alternate title of this episode: "Peggy the Hypnotist."

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