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Apollo 13 Minute

I was the perfect age when APOLLO 13 came out. As a nine year old boy, I was primed for the romance of space flight and eager for a story about overcoming impossible odds. The image of the Saturn V rocket blasting off left an indelible mark on my young imagination, and the story's happy ending carries so much more weight for being true to life.

So it's no surprise that I jumped at the chance to talk about a minute of one of my top 5 movies on Apollo 13 Minute. Along with hosts Jim and Chris, I talk about my favorite movie priests, reflective listening skills, and share my spiritual reading of the story of APOLLO 13. Listen along with Mission Control at the link below:

Minute 127 - Standing By for Any Reports

During the episode, I mention the prayer that Pope St. Paul VI offered for the astronauts at his Wednesday Angelus address during the Apollo 13 mission. If you want to practice your Italian (or give Google Translate a workout), you can find the text of St. Paul VI's prayer here.

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