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Guest Appearances

Father David is the chaplain of the Movies by Mintues podcast community, appearing as a guest on several shows that examine movies in minute-by-minute detail. Below are links to the episodes he has been on to date.

Almost Famous Minute
Andromeda Minute
The Apocalypse Now Minutes
Apollo 13 Minute
Bat Minute
City Slickers Minute
D5: The Mighty Ducks
DC Cinematic Minute
Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Minute
Five Minute Arrival
The Great Escape Minute
The Groundhog Day Project
Independence Day Minute
Indiana Jones Minute
Karate Kid Minute
Lord of the Rings Minute
Marvel Movie Minute
MASH Minute
Mean Girls Minute
Minute Impossible
Minutiae Ex Machina
The Next Scene
Open the Podcast Doors, HAL
Rosemary's Baby 6:66
The Shining 2:37
Spider-Man Minute
Star Wars Minute
Star Wars Music Minute
The Wilder Ride



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